Roulette Tips

Roulette TipsRoulette is a game of chance. Your bets feature some sort of chance to win, usually smaller than the payout odds are, so The House would hold an edge. Since the early days Roulette Gamblers have tried to find a way or strategy to beat the game and gain an edge.

As I’m an honest guy, I’ll give you a hint on this – there is no strategy in the world that will help you to gain an edge in Roulette. Only way to do this is by cheating or biasing the wheel. Please don’t do that! However, there are certain things, strategies and adjustments to be more specific, that can make your playing experience more pleasurable. We’ll name these as Roulette Tips!

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Play European or French Roulette instead of American Roulette! There’s a really simple reason behind this – the first two feature smaller house edge thus your expectation, while negative, is better than at American variation!

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Have a strategy or system to follow! We’ve got plenty of Roulette Strategy articles on the site, choose one that fits your desires and use it! I said that no strategy can change the house edge, right? Yeah, I wasn’t lying! However, by using one you’ll benefit in many ways.

First of all, you’ll be concentrating on following the system and not on how well are you doing. If you start to give emotions in while gambling, you’ll go crazy and mostly leave with an empty wallet or account! Follow some kind of a system and don’t change the rules of it!

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Implement a stop loss and a stop win. Do this BEFORE you start to play. Think about an amount of money that won’t upset you in case of loosing. Vice versa, implement an amount that will make you quit playing.

You see, edges in Roulette are thin so short term variance has a big impact on results. If you implement a stop win, not only you’ll quit as a winner, but you are less likely to reach that longterm point, where everyone will lose their money to The House!

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Don’t play drunk! While this might sound funny, it’s the worst thing that can happen. You loose the feel of reality and money usually means nothing. Well, it will mean something when you’ll wake up the following morning! Be sober when you gamble, that’s the golden rule!