The Paroli Roulette System

The Paroli Roulette System

If you love to hit the casino, then you must have definitely tried your luck at the roulette table. The roulette system is a game of chance, if you are lucky, you might win a fortune but if not then you might have to suffer from bankruptcy. Nonetheless, it all depends on how high the stakes are and what strategy you have up your sleeve.

High-risk takers with huge bankrolls choose to use the aggressive profit making strategy, the Martingale roulette system. This is a fast gambling strategy that only the professional and experienced roulette players choose.

If you are new to the roulette system but you wish to try your luck and rake profits then the Paroli roulette system is an ideal gambling strategy for you. It is quite popular among beginners, low-risk takers and among people with small bankrolls.

The Paroli roulette system is also known as reverse Martingale system. This is because the Martingale system strategy is based on negative progression while the Paroli roulette system is based on positive progression.

How Does Paroli Roulette System Works?

This roulette system strategy is slightly easier. It begins with a modest stake and you have to double the stake every time you win. This is a positive progression. It is opposite of Martingale where you have to double the stake if you lose.

The best way to increase your chances of winning is to start your game with even money wagers. Also, initially keep your stakes low, you don’t want to lose all your bankroll in one go. Remember it’s a fun game, so enjoy it to the maximum and play it for entertainment. There is nothing better than making profits while you have fun.

Here’s an example of how Paroli Roulette System works:

If your initial wager is $10 on even number and after the wheel is spun and the ball falls on an even number then bravo, you win. According to this strategy when you win, you have to double your unite of your initial bet. So the next time when the wheel is spun, your bet will be of $20. If you are in a winning streak and you win again then next bet will be doubled and will be of $40. The idea of the game is to double the bet each time you win.

What Happens If You Lose?

However, if you lose in the third go, then you will lose all your profits plus the original bet which is devastating, if you have put your entire bankroll at stake.

 Smart Tips to Win With Paroli Roulette System

To ensure that you go home with a smile on your face and a good amount of money in your pocket, here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you use the Paroli roulette strategy:

Keep Your Stakes Low

With low stakes, even if you lose, you won’t have to suffer from a huge loss. Therefore, the best trick for new players is to take the game slowly, be patient and keep the stakes low.

Reset Your Betting System

It’s wise to reset your wager after consecutive 4 to 5 wins in a row. This will help you take home the profits you make that night. If you want to try your luck again with Paroli roulette system, you can start a new game. This way you won’t lose the hard earned profits. Remember the moment you lose in Paroli, you lose all your profits earned during the game and also your initial bet amount.

Play for Entertainment

Players, who hit the casino for fun and entertainment, are usually the ones who make profits. This is because they don’t stress or take pressure. They play with low stakes and win profits slowly while having a blast.

Pre-Determine Your Quitting Point

Pre-determining your quitting point helps you stop. Usually players in the winning streak get carried away with the game and when they lose, they hit rock bottom and lose all their profits.

Paroli system is a great strategy to make money at the roulette table especially for those who are low-risk takers. If you want to use Paroli next time you go to a casino, it is advisable to test the strategy to see if it actually works. The best way to do this is to play roulette on online casino websites or download the game.