Roulette Table Layout

Roulette Table Layout is the place where you’ll be putting your money wagers, so it’s good to understand what exactly each field is mean’t for. Knowledge of layouts will also help you to determine, which of the three Roulette Types are you playing!

All layouts are made in a similar fashion, but there are few small edits to each of them. Let’s follow up with an overview of each and point out differences.

American Roulette Layout

This layout features one significant difference – it has two zeroes on it. This is also know as Double Zero LayoutOf course the Roulette Wheel also features 2 zeroes. Exactly because of this American Roulette features a House Edge of 5.24%, which is the highest between all types.

American Roulette Table Layout

European Roulette Layout

This layout is really simple and unlike the previous one features a single zero – it’s a Single Zero LayoutThis will also be the layout that you’ll see at most Brick and Mortar Casinos, except if you play in the USA. American Roulette is still the most popular and most widely offered game there.

European Roulette Table Layout

French Roulette Layout

This layout looks nothing like the previous two. It’s two sided and features titles in french. However, it is actually very simple. The P12 M12 and D12 stands for the first, second and third dozen of numbers. Everything else should be quite obvious!

French Roulette Layout