Online Roulette

Online Roulette or Internet Roulette is a form of roulette that is played at Online Casinos. There are a few key differences between the Online and ”Normal” version of it. Most obvious one is that you are able to play in front of your computer, instead of having to find a land-based casino offering it. However, there are a few points that make online version of this game more powerful.

Online Roulette Table

Tables Are Always Free

If you’ve played roulette at a land based casino, you probably have experienced this. A large amount of drunk tourists have filled all available seats and you have nowhere to go. Well, this can never happen on the internet, as Online Roulette tables are always free and you will always be able to join a table.

No Need To Leave Your House

While this is obvious, we thought its worth noting as it really is a large advantage. You won’t have to think about getting home or whether you can enjoy a drink or two. Get some beers or whiskey, sit back in your chair and enjoy a pleasant gaming experience. That’s what Internet Roulette is about !


While offline casinos often offer free drinks to those who play at their roulette tables, it’s a little bit better on the internet. You can actually get a real Roulette Bonus, which is either credited to your account instantly or once you’ve played long enough. It’s free money, just because you’ve chosen to play online instead of doing it elsewhere!

The Wheel Is Spun After The Bets Are Placed

Offline casinos spin the wheel and allow betting until it has almost stopped. I have to say that I really don’t like this, as theres a lot of brawl going out, when it’s close to the wheel stopping. Online form of roulette will only have the wheel spun once you are done placing any wagers.

Anonymous Playing

Some people doesn’t care, some do. Those who do will greatly benefit from this. The Best Roulette Casinos will never share your data with anyone else, ever. You’ll enjoy complete anonymity and none will bother with stupid jokes about you visiting casino. Some people just don’t get that playing this game is actually A LOT of fun!

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you will choose to play online or live. Roulette is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. Looking for some sound playing advice? Be sure to check our Roulette Strategy articles. We have plenty of them so you should have no problem finding one that fits you. Play responsibly!

Best Places to Play Online Roulette:

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2 Intercasino $£/€/$ 375 9 / 10 Review Play Now
3 Royal Vegas $/£/€ 1200 9 / 10 Review Play Now
4 Jackpot City Online Casino $1600 + 30Free Spins 9 / 10 Review Play Now