Multi-Wheel Roulette Game: Endless Possibilities!

If you think online roulette is exciting, wait till you try multi wheel roulette game. In fact, it is about 8 times more thrilling than regular roulette.

About Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette Game

This game has not one or two, but eight wheels spinning at your disposal. This makes your wagering options pretty much endless. Many online games give you the options to edit the game layout, so all the tables are completely customizable as per your preferences.

The rules of multi wheel roulette remain the same as the regular online roulette games. Odds start at 1:1 for an even money bet and can go up to 35:1 for a Straight Bet on a number.

The graphics technology of today makes these Multi-Wheel Roulette games a truly outstanding sight. A number of online casinos have already introduced this game in their repertoire. One look at the games will make you appreciate the attention to details and the digital sound effects.

Multi Wheel Roulette game has an extensive betting range that is bound to suit many bankrolls. This game truly captures the thrill and suspense of one of the most well-liked casino games ever, multiplied by eight!

How to Play Online Multi-Wheel Roulette

The casino game is played on a online roulette table and with eight roulette wheels. You place one bet, and it is applied to all eight wheels. So you have a one in eight chances of winning, increasing your prospects of winning substantially.

Multi-wheel online roulette game allows the player to utilize mixed chip piles and presents them with the option of choosing the number of wheels they may want to play with each spin. Call bets are also provided for within the game. These are a collection of a pre-determined and pre-named bets, corresponding to bets that are on average shouted out in a real casino for the roulette dealer to place. The player can decide to place multiple Call Bets on a table or just place one bet.

Just like regular roulette, choosing how to bet is the most important part of your line of attack in a game of multi-wheel roulette. And you may make several bets on one spin.

Winning at Multi-Wheel Roulette Game Online

When playing multi-wheel roulette, remember that all the wheels are spinning independently of each other. You can win on all 8 wheels, loose on all of them or a combination of the two.  If you make a high playing roulette bet, then winning a single roulette can offset all your losses on the other wheels quite easily.

The different outcomes and possibilities promised by the multi wheels roulette game are what make it infinitely exciting and thrilling for gamblers. You will find many online casinos that offer these games for a harmless game of roulette whenever you want to play. You can even choose to play for real money, all you need is a credit card or a PayPal account and you are on your way to a memorable game of multi wheel roulette for sure.

Best Online Casinos to Play Multi Wheel Roulette:

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3 Jackpot City Online Casino $1600 + 30Free Spins 9 / 10 Review Play Now