Live Roulette Online

Live Roulette Online at Bet365Live Roulette Online is a term that describes a game of Online or Internet Roulette, which features a live video stream of croupier spinning the Roulette Wheel. I doubt anyone who was born when the Internet was invented could imagine that technologies would get this far. Live Roulette is offered by several Online Casinos who have hired special dealers (croupiers) for exactly this game. The game runs through-out the day and is usually available for play at any time of a day! There tend to be some technical breaks, but it’s rare at the big Roulette Casinos!

Live Casino offerings go even as far as letting you to choose what kind of a dealer would you love to see as a croupier! One of these is, which offers Live Roulette and Live VIP Roulette.

Live Roulette Types

The Most popular Roulette Type that is used at Live Croupier tables is also known as European Roulette. It’s the most popular type of this game in the world. It differs from other types with its wheel sequence and a single zero on the wheel vs. double zero in American Roulette.


Starting to play is really simple, you have to join one of the Live Roulette Casinos by registering. In order to play, you’ll also need money – make a first deposit.

Now you are fully set to experience the thrill this game brings! Open a table and you’ll automatically be seated at a table. However, you might have to wait till the following spin ends as one Roulette Wheel is used by many players.

Once the croupier has taken the ball of from the wheel, you can place your wagers. Live Roulette doesn’t offer any different wagers than normal, Online version of this game. Though, there might be a chance to tip the croupier, which can be a lot of fun.

Table Limits

Depending on which Casino you end up playing at, there’s going to be some table limits in place. This is mainly used for the benefit of the house and well, so some billionaire couldn’t put a risk of going broke on Casino’s shoulders.

Most commonly tables will feature a minimum bets of $5 and maximum will vary between $500 to $10,000 at VIP Live Roulette.

The Best Casinos To Play Live Roulette Online

We’ve set up a list of TOP 3 Casinos that offer Live Roulette to their customers. These have passed our security checks, which honestly are quite in-depth. By joining one of these, you’ll ensure and guarantee a great and pleasant gaming experience!

  1. JackpotCity
  3. InterCasino