Roulette History


Roulette HistoryRoulette is one of the most popular Casino Table Games. It’s very unlikely that there’s a Casino in the world, which offers Table Games and does not have Roulette as a part of their offerings. The very first form of this game was invented in 18th century and that happened in France. The term ”Roulette” actually stands for ” Little Wheel ” in french.

Blaise Pascal is the one to blame for Roulette, as he invented a very primitive form of it. While it had nothing to do with the game we know today, these were the baby steps to it.

There used to be a lot of similar games back in the days, which also used some kind of a wheel. These were Roly Poly, Ace of Hearts, E.O and a game with the same exact name ”Roulette”.

The first real form of Roulette was played at Palais Royal back in 1796. It featured a Double Zero Wheel, but the rules were different as these were considered to be the pockets of bank. If either of the zeroes were spun, player lost his wager.

First European & American Roulette Games

Roulette soon spread across the world – America and the rest of Europe. First American Roulette featured a Double Zero Wheel and a field, which displayed an American Eagle. This was used to gain extra edge for The House. However, this game didn’t enjoy much popularity for some reason and soon Roulette Wheel featured only numbers.

European Roulette, which features a Single Zero Wheel was invented in Monte Carlo. A place considered as gambling mecca. It still holds this status till this day. Monte Carlo Casinos are highly exclusive and it’s a place where rich people travel to get some rest and well, to gamble of course.

Online Roulette was taken to light in the same time first Online Casinos were launched. Now everyone who has ever gambled online, knows that one of the premiere games here is exactly Roulette!

Online version of this game has evolved at an unbelievable rate and not only a simulator of the game is offered, but it’s also possible to play Live Roulette Online. It’s served by a real croupier and wheel is spun in real time! Not sure what the next big gaming innovation will be, but there certainly will be some!