European Roulette

European Roulette is without a doubt the most popular Roulette Type in the world. While Brick & Mortar Casinos in USA might offer American Roulette as their main type, when it comes to Online Gaming – European version wins by far. It’s unlikely that there’s an Online Casino that offers this game, but not in the European variation. Euro Roulette features a Single Zero Wheel and a small House Edge. Let’s learn more about it, shall we?

European Roulette Gameplay

GamePlay in Roulette doesn’t change no matter which of the popular types you are playing. This is true for this one as well. Players place their wagers, the Wheel is spun and winners announced! Of course, you also get paid based on Roulette Payouts chart, which is and most likely will be the same forever.

European Roulette Wheel & Sequence

European version features a Single Zero Roulette Wheel, which has 37 numbers on it. There’s a specific sequence of numbers by whom the Wheel is made. It’s the following one :

  • 0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25-17-34-6-27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33-1-20-14-31-9-22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26

This is the same for all Wheels and doesn’t differ regardless of where you play. If the game you are playing features different sequence, that’s not European Roulette! Simple as that.

European Roulette Table Layout

The Table Layout used in this variation is almost exactly the same as one used in American Roulette. However, this one features a Single Zero on it vs. Double Zero in American one. You’ll be able to make all the standard bets, such as Even/Odd or Red/Black as well as Column and Dozen ones.

European Roulette House Edge

This variation of Roulette features a House Edge of approximately 2.6%, which is small compared to the American variation. What does 2.6% mean in terms of money? Well, you should expect to loose $2.6 for every $100 wagered. However, don’t get too obsessed with this as short term luck will allow you to book huge wins regardless of the House Edge. Of course, you can also loose huge, but that’s just what Gambling is about!

Best Online Casinos to Play European Roulette

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2 Intercasino $£/€/$ 375 9 / 10 Review Play Now
3 Royal Vegas $/£/€ 1200 9 / 10 Review Play Now